2018.3.15 / Darwin with a typhoon

When I decided to go to Australia, the first person I remembered was Nunnu sister who settled there. My sister was one of my sisters who played with me when I was a young cousin, and she still remembered that she still didn’t want to go home. Darwin, who lived in a strange city, was like a living witness of ‘I started with a working holiday and immigrated to those who dreamed of immigration there at the time.

Such an advice to me was that when my sister left Working Holiday 10 years ago, the TOEIC score was more than 850 points. It is. The first place my sister worked was a sandwich shop with a Korean job. It’s still useful after 10 years.

Compared to other cities, I left Sydney, which is easy to adapt to, and turned to the outskirts of more opportunities. In fact, I knew the meaning of the words, ‘How about coming to Darwin with your sister,’ and you may be helpful if you live next to your sister, but it was not easy for me. Before leaving for Australia, I clung to studying English, but I was skeptical about whether communication was smooth enough to work with foreigners right now, and most of all, if anyone had to rely on it, it seemed that it could not be hard. It would be difficult for me for me to have a hard time relying on and asking someone.

One year after the call with my sister, my mind was not intact. After a year of walking holiday visa for a year, half a year as a student visa, I have only been for two months in a narrow shop where I had a hard time and mind. My chest was so crazy that I was breathing. Unlike Europe, Australia’s trip is quite expensive, and Queensland is mostly a resort, so there was no tourist street except that activity and tour. If you stay in a hotel because you have a lot of money, you will live with a resort, but this trip was like a homework that finished the Australian Warhol for me, and it was necessary to comfort you to see a little bit of living.

I was thinking about going to Darwin, where my sister lives in a living without planning, and I was wondering whether to give up. After planning a trip at the end of the twist, he refused to make a friend’s inspiring proposal that he could make money without money, and chose a gift to an angelic nephew, and finished his home and work. When I dragged my carrier bag to a droples of a droplets that I could see at a glance, and then came to Darwin after a few hours of flight, I left a message that I arrived safely to my sister, and I was new to my sister in a few years in the airport parking lot. . My sister was consistent, and without much awkward, we went to your sister’s house, asking for his regards. The family house that I saw for a long time was adapted to the one -year share house life, and the nephew, like the angel I met the next day, was so small and cute that the dopamine rose from the body.

In fact, Darwin was clear that it was hard to recommend to travelers alone. Darwin’s famous tourist destination, Kakadu National Park, is expensive even at the price of a tour, and the jumping crocodile that can be experienced in the wetlands (seeing crocodiles by boarding on the boat) is to be left to the luck of the sky. It depends on the weather. When I traveled to the rainy season when the typhoon blows, I gave up on tours and activities, and the market that was introduced on Darwin’s official tourism homepage is also set a separate period. Except for Sky City Casino, it was hard to do this. Of course, I was in the first place that Darwin was not as much as a tour, but I came to see my sister and my nephew.

Despite the ugly weather, my sister moved with a car with a newborn nephew for a little sightseeing sightseeing. The first of them was the river and Botanic Garden on the Penny Bay side, and Darwin’s Botanic Garden felt more familiar than Sydney. I had a lot of time in Darwin and I had a lot of time in the park to help my sister’s postpartum cooking, and in front of the flowers and trees, I still admired the appearance of a variety of flowers in the park. For me, who had no great inspiration in the flowers, I liked the quiet atmosphere and flavor of the park of cloudy weather than the flowers that bloomed all over the place, and I was convinced that this calm was another beauty of the low season trip throughout the park.

My sister took me to Botanic Garden and took me to the Northern State Library to give me more visits, but the day went on the day, and I had to come back without a long rain in the sky. Not surprisingly, when the typhoon was coming the next day, my sister hurriedly woke me up, and for the first time, I had an experience of shaking the house due to the typhoon. I’m sorry for not being able to tour tourism, and I joked when I was going to experience the typhoon in a foreign country with a joke, and the next day, I was in a clear sky as if I had spent a day at home.

This is also the work of sisters and brothers, but when I first heard my sister’s job, the drama All -in was in full swing in Korea, so when I told my friends, ‘My relative’s sister is a casino dealer,’ and the shoulders were shy. At that time, it was already 10 years ago, so my sister has already become a multi -year -old car as a casino dealer, and I’ve been old enough to come to Sydney alone. When I asked about how my sister who lived in Sydney could work here in an era where there was no smartphone, she replied that she was just lucky, but after hearing the process, she looked great.

At that time, my sister started working by the recommendation of a Korean friend who worked with him, and she had a chance to prepare for her preparation and prepared English before leaving Australia. So even if I have been offered the same job right now, I would have refused because of my English skills, or I would have drank the elimination of the trial process. Luck also allows the opportunity to the prepared. This natural and natural reason often realizes 바카라 only after seeing reality in front of you.

While eating at the buffet, my sister said that the weightlesss often earned as much money as a dealer, and I might have gained trial opportunities if I started in Darwin, not Sydney. It seemed to me that the inner sentiment seemed to be sorry for it, but I would have chosen Sydney if I had a chance to go back to Australia and choose a city to settle for me. If you chose Melbourne, you might have been starved in half a year, and if you chose Darwin, you wouldn’t have gained a sense of accomplishment. Since I was in Sydney, I was able to meet precious ties, I was terribly lonely, and I was able to do things that I hadn’t lived, and I was able to swear by others. Of course, looking for a review of the Sky City interview, it was not hard to get trial opportunities.

The day before I left for Cairns, the sky was somewhat hidden in the clouds, and I was able to enjoy the landscape scenery in the nightcliffe dock. The resort should be able to jump into any sea, and I have imagined a wide sky in the emerald sea. Inwardly, I thought, ‘Why are you coming to a resort to the sea where crocodiles are coming?’, Unlike Sydney, where the sky and the sea were not significantly different, Darwin’s sea was a bit turbid. After taking a picture, I got a tee, and the sky was more like the sea. Since then, the pond was beautiful in the park, but the size of the birds sitting on the tree was terrible, so it was confusing whether it was a park that was found while passing through the road. However, Darwin, unlike the complex Sydney, had a relaxation that was felt in a small city, and in the first place, I thought there would be no such cities if the recreation was left out of the complex city and enjoyed it.

The day I left for Darwin was 100 days in my nephew Olivia. In Australia, unlike Korea, I couldn’t commemorate 100 days, but my sister wanted to leave a commemorative photo, and after choosing cakes and party supplies with her sister, Olivia’s alphabet cushions were stretched in a row. I tried to create a studio atmosphere. My sister picked up a dress from Olivia’s clothes, and Olivia was struggling to see if he was hard due to the wet weather and outing, and three people were so soothed that they were so soothed that they could finish the 100 -day commemorative photo to take a little pretty picture.

Darwin’s trip was actually close to his sister’s house living in another country, not to go to see Darwin. And during my sister’s house, I could have eaten Korean restaurants in a year thanks to the food that I had served by my aunt, and when I first saw it, I had a lot of conversations with my brother who didn’t talk much in English. I was able to think again about my sister’s advice and story as a person who came to Australia and came to Australia. Looking at the family’s life in front of me, immigration was not a matter of picking citizenship and not picking it up, but whether it could endure living as a stranger in an unfamiliar place. As I was urgent to leave Korea, I realized that I came to Australia. If you were married, you were scared to imagine an Orot’s own situation without a person to rely on her husband until she was pregnant and the child was a hundred days. So immigration is not a matter of leaving Korea, but a matter of ‘where to live’.

For the first time in Australia, Darwin, who stayed in a house with a family who was not in other people, and had a taste of his hands on the holidays, and drank beer in the evening. Although he didn’t have an activity because of the bad weather, he was able to relax with his sister who was busy saying that his brother came after a long time. Despite my sister’s salary the next day, I was wandering at the strange Darwin Airport for a while. In the midst of a little crazy, I had a cup of coffee to take care of my caffeine.

“If your life is stable, you can set a restaurant because you can be small.” Mr. Kogen (a pseudonym, male) living in Aichi Prefecture, who was served for murder and resident, recently got a job. For those who have a prison, it is not easy to get a job first, whether you want to live seriously or work and compensate the victims. If the name of the sin is severe, it is even more severe. Mr. Kogen took seven months, but he could still find a workout. The major factor is that the lawyer was supported. A daughter who had an attempted murderer “I want to help people” … A composition written by Mr. Kogen (a pseudonym) who has no work. Arrests, arrests, those who have been detained, or those who have finished the sentence in prisoning prison, will help 크레이지슬롯 you to find a house or work, or accompany you to medical examinations to return to society. A snuggling lawyer system to support. Since the Aichi Prefectural Bar Association started in 2019, more than 150 support has been accumulated. What kind of system is it actually? I was close to the activity. (Kyodo News = Asae Takagi) ▽ “I can’t take responsibility when something happens.” Relatives could not take care of them for reasons such as illness and disability, and Mr. Kogen was taking care of him. However, my cousin’s symptoms gradually escalate. He often used violence to Mr. Kogen and his family, raised money, and rampaged in a pub. Still, I couldn’t throw it out. “I was like my brother. I thought I would get better if I was with me.” “I thought I had to be a breakwater, I thought I had to be a breakwater, so I couldn’t leave even if I wanted to leave. Misaki Sugimoto, who has fallen into a consultation with Mr. Kogen, was in a case of Aichi Prefecture, and the violence and rants in Aichi Prefecture were triggered. Mr. Kogen said, “I was concentrated on the idea of ​​killing the tension that I had been tightly cut off and killing it.” In the trial, the sentence was greatly reduced. During the prison, I repeatedly thought about what is needed to make a real compensation. The answer I gave was “I live a day, without spare my efforts, feeling my cousin next to me.” In prison, he always kept discipline, worked hard on cleaning and work, and read as many books as possible. When there is a prison officer, he still supports the words he spoke to Mr. Kogen. “Don’t escape. Struggle and struggle in the prison. I’m here and I’m here.” Became. Living independently without relying on relatives. He received employment support in prison and challenged several hiring interviews. The results are all rejected. Some companies said, “I can’t take responsibility when something happens.”

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