“Black lump” TEPCO conference (full text 1) Safety has been confirmed (THE PAGE) just under the reactor of Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant Unit 2 (THE PAGE)

A2 survey, report and explanation of the contents of video shooting from X-6 Peners of Unit 2

Moderator (head office): Yes. good evening everyone. However, I will start the nuclear regular interview. The interviewer is Okamura, a deputy director of the Nuclear and Location Division. Okamura: Yes. At the regular meeting of today, first of all, I was able to shoot a video from the A2 survey, the X-6 Pennet of Unit 2, with a camera attached to the tip of the Sao, so I was able to shoot the video. I would like to report and explain about it. Although the image is clearer than I thought, it has been five and a half years later, so the inside is slightly like a structure or monotone. I would like to add commentary in that area, so thank you. First of all, please prepare the video. Moderator (Headquarters): So, is it better to prepare at the Fukushima venue? Please wait a moment. Okamura: In front of the video, we have proceeded to the pedestal area in the containment vessel, further under the pressure vessel. What I understand is that first put the cooling water in the pressure container, and from there, it has been confirmed that the cooling water is dripping or falling from the bottom. The meaning is that the safety is confirmed that the cooling is stable from the core and the lower part of the core, which is possible. Regarding dust, regarding the leakage of radioactive materials, it is said that the dust monitor etc. are placed outside the X-6 Penter this time, and then the isolation function, seals, etc., and the radioactive material is confined inside. There is no leakage of radioactive materials outside, as it has been confirmed that it is continuing. Then, the container. Male: Doesn’t the video show a video on the screen? Okamura: I’m sorry, I’m preparing now. very sorry. Before that, 크레이지슬롯 it is a leakage of radioactive materials, and there is no such thing. First of all, I would like to report at the beginning that I was able to shoot in a stable state. Male: I’m sorry, it’s better to remove the electricity on this side so that the video looks clear ( * cannot be distinguished). Moderator (head office): Is it OK at the Fukushima venue? Moderator (Fukushima): Yes, we are ready for the Fukushima venue. Moderator (head office): Then please. Okamura: I’ll stand on the front. Excuse me. Male: Please wait a moment. I wonder if this is the case. yes. May I. yes. Okamura: In the situation of the camera until the previous Pedestal, there is a CRD rail following Pedestal. Moderator (Fukushima): Fukushima venue. Excuse me. Excuse me. I’m sorry again, the start wasn’t good, so please again from the beginning. Moderator (head office): Yes. OK. Moderator (Fukushima): Here, ready. Thank you. Fukushima is okay. Moderator (Headquarters): Yes, we will play the video, so thank you. Okamura: Following the last time, I start from such an angle, looking into the pedestal from the end of the CRD rail. Here is it. This is now looking at the CRD rail. And this is in the pedestal. Men: ( * I can’t tell) don’t use it. Okamura: It will be the entrance of the pedestal, but the situation where the camera is put in is at this time. You can see something like rainwater from a little above, but this is a cooling water from above like a rain. This is the end of the CRD rail. This is the end of the grating. The camera raises the camera up from the end of the grating. In some places, many sediments seem to overlap. This is approaching the top, you can see the control rod drive mechanism, and the hanging bracket. This is the one with this cross. Looking at the top, there is no such thing as damage or major damage. At the moment, I think that the situation where the original form is relatively strong is strong. This time, shake the camera from the right end to the left. This is a tip guide pipe, the guide pipes for the neutron measurement have been reflected on the screen now, but the camera rotates a little angle, so this is the hole of the CRD replacement. , It will be a hall. It will be a hole open for grating. And there was a rib of 9 cm in height in front of the angle again, and we reached the left edge. This came to the end of the CRD rail. This time, we will go up from the bottom right to the top. This is a grating state, but the sediment is relatively large, and some of the places where grating is missing. The situation is that cooling water is swinging in a rainy shape. The camera is fixed, looking up from the bottom, then the angle is lowered from the upper right to the lower left. Then, this time, there were three angles from the lower right to the upper left, but there were some supplementary explanation materials, but I would like to be able to explain again. Is it easy.

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