Day 5 plowing, aruba

The island that rests the sea that runs without stopping for two days. No one has said that he is boring for a while, but our expressions look at the coming island in front of our eyes are not the same yesterday.

In Aruba 크레이지슬롯 we decided to take a bath. When you get off at the cruise, you will meet the aunts who are guests with numerous tourism products. The cruise staff can select and pay a tourist course in advance and sightseeing the island with the guide, but we decided to take only taxis to take the beach without any other sightseeing.

I did not bring my swimsuit because I would not enter the water. But because of my husband, who only shouted once, I went into the sea as I was wearing. As you get older, you are scared to soak your body in the water. You have to learn swimming properly.

Second, he keeps his lifestyle while traveling. It is amazing and unique.

After three hours of playing in the sea, I went to the cruise, took a shower and came out again.

As I prepared for my trip, my husband didn’t have a baggage and I kept buying things. But if there was no duck tube tub (?) Prepared for the second bath and water, the second would have been crying often. Secondly, I was afraid of the shower, and the pool in the cruise was able to play and play with only children with diapers.

I wanted to buy coconut juice, but I endured my stomach.

I bought a souvenir to my daughter’s friend and looked around and nodded to the souvenir that showed that Aruba was a Dutch autonomous country. I also at least once.


My husband bought a T -shirt that changes color when he receives the sunlight in the cruise shopping presentation. I don’t want to have my husband because I don’t want to have it. And most of all, I didn’t want to be like my husband in front of my parents -in -law.

It was time to enter the ship.

Looking outside the cruise ship, the higher the number of floors, the better the window.

After dinner, my daughter was left to the cruise daycare center, the second was left to his parents -in -law, and I lost $ 30 in the casino for two hours. Shopping ends when I buy what I want, but I threw money in the slot machine, shouting that I could start anything with it.

MUSIN will release Shanling’s Android OS DAP “M6 Ultra” on September 16 (Fri). Although the price is open, it is expected that the actual sale is around 130,000 yen including tax. A product that is positioned as a “new standard model” that draws the flow of the first Android OS -equipped machine “M6” released by the company in 2019. The AKM “AK4493SEQ” is equipped with a quad configuration as a DAC chip, and it supports native playback of up to 768kHz/32bit, DSD22.4MHz. It also has a MQA renderer function, and supports up to 16 times MQA development through the pre -installed “Shanning Music”. The headphone terminal is equipped with a 3.5mm imbalance and a 4.4mm balance terminal. The audio circuit design adopts the sound circuit design “OP-AMP+BUF architecture” using operational amplifiers and buffers. The operational amplifier is equipped with the LTA8092, the first adoption of the company’s products. Equipped with two OPA2211 for low -pass filtering, four OPA1620 for processing output signals from four DAC chips. Furthermore, it appeals that two “low -grade synchronization crystal oscillator” manufactured by KDS in Japan and the unique FPGA technology developed “detailed and irreplaceable” 온라인카지노 signal transmission. As a member used, there are many carefully selected components, including Panasonic’s “Polima Tantal Condenser”, “Ultra Low Noise LDO Regulator”, TI “BUF634A”, and 4 “WE Capacitors” with a capacity of 100F. The housing body design adopts a “Unibody Design” using a chassis made by CNC processed AI-MG (aluminum-magnesium) alloy of aircraft grade. Provides seamless design between the attached panels and chassis. The color variations are available in two colors, green and black. The SoC adopts the Quarcom “Snapdragon 665”. The OS is equipped with Android10. The RAM is 4GB and the built -in storage capacity is 64GB. In addition, one MicroSD card slot for up to 2TB is provided. The display is equipped with a 5 full HD display made of Sharp with a pixel density of 441ppi. Supports 5GHz/2.4GHz dual band Wi-Fi for wireless connections for high-speed communication technology “MIMO”. Bluetooth conforms to Ver5.0, and codecs can send and receive LDAC/SBC and send LHDC/APTX HD/aptX. The battery capacity is 5650 mAh, which also supports QC3.0, a quick charging standard. The external dimensions are 127W x 77H x 18Dmm, and the mass is 263g.

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