“[DQ10] Guren adventurers are going today 497”

good evening. It ’s Caas

Today’s tweet

It’s autumn …

Autumn of appetite, in the fall of reading, in various ways …

What kind of fall is your autumn?

I’m probably going to be “Autumn of Cleaning”

I still have a little cleaning … (The consecutive holidays hit the typhoon and I couldn’t open the window, so I couldn’t clean it (;^_^a

Originally, it was hard to happen …

After a compression fracture, I became drowsy and almost slept on holidays …

When I try to clean it, I don’t know which one to really start 바카라

I think I have to do it little by little

In addition, because it is my room, it is a very narrow room, so if you put a shelf or a futon, you have to secure an exit …

When it comes to cleaning at a stretch, you have to put things out of the room once … (You can’t avoid the futon without opening the window (;^_^A

And the biggest problem is that if you have an asthma, you can’t do this … (◎ _ ◎;)

I have a house dust allergy, so I can’t help but suck it …

So, I wanted to do it on a weekday holiday where her sister went to work …

The typhoon disappeared, and the plan to take a four -day holiday became a bar, so I decided to do it little by little next month.

At first it’s discarded … w

Today is from the morning

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I was proceeding with Pukuko’s story

Finally … I opened the royal labyrinth, so for a while I will transfer to Pukuko’s leveling and accessories.

Actually, it has only reached Lv65 yet …

Other characters have exceeded 100, so even if the Lv is low, it has managed to go so far …

The royal labyrinth does not go so

Only the hero princess, the hero who is her ally, and her fellow monsters

As expected, if you leave this LV, you will die soon, so I would like to do my best until Lv90.

Ogako is like that too

Leveling and equipment collection will be a daily routine, so if you see it somewhere, thank you.

Next month I wonder if I can put on Anlucia’s crimson armor equipment … Both (⌒∇⌒)

From just before, I’ve been overline.

Well … it’s a bad habit every time …

I really wanted to start over, so it was a re -challenge after deleting the data from the switch settings (of course, 9 characters will be re -created w.

Is the binding

If the protagonist does it, annihilate

I can’t escape


I wonder if the name should be changed from a woman and a man (I used to use it as a name for all characters at first …

Actually … I didn’t notice until I saw the layer of Lendoa, so she thought she couldn’t go fishing first, so she did it again.

All occupations are done by bandits for the first time

Because … everyone wants to do it from the beginning, right? w

Casino and fishing are the highest priority and I think I’ll do my best

See you soon…

Thanks! I will update a little work article w

By the way today’s song

Ariana Grande & Justin Bieber -Stuck with U

By the way, today is about money, but the gold policy is an eternal theme for both virtual and real.

Basically, resale is still good if you buy and sell when you find a bargain.

I don’t like the way to operate the demand on the contrary and operate the price.

Revita II is basically about 25k, but sometimes it is a strange price or a strange price ~

Revitors should be able to supply stable.

Well, I don’t think there are people who like resale

As well as being in a real thing that resellers are disliked or positioned as not

Let’s recognize that it’s not good in virtual

Now let’s take money based on that!

First of all, from the low Lv

I don’t know if everyone has passed, but I’ll write it with my own discretion and prejudice b

Mt. Nisel Mountain Planta

Are all the plastic hunting all the way?

The quest material here will sell w

It’s a Nicell wood and a bitter tree.

Is the price about 1S, 2-3k?

Demand is decreasing compared to the past, so it may not be so delicious.

Big of the destruction temple

This guy drops the bird feathers needed to make adventurers’ clothes

I wonder if there was a place in area 1

This is 1S and I feel like 7k to 9K

Minotaur of the Temple of Destruction

Here is the skin of Ushio!

It is a material for the degraded anti -deterioration agent! I’m worried how to prevent the skin from deterioration … w

If the part is destroyed, the mud will rise.

I wonder if it was one deteriorated with three skins

Kashimaru Loa in the old empress of Iwato

This is a collection of nightmare crystals! It’s not as hard as it used to be as hard as it used to be, so there is no demand as it used to be, so it’s not that expensive.

This is also a subqueue product, so it sells! Some of them are used for equipment material, so they sell but not as expensive in the past!

I wonder if it’s for beginners until this area ~

Either way, it will be a collection system, so if you have a range skill and LUK para, it will be efficient!

Shikeer Fukaya Hard Ritter Bore

Is this an energy bottle?

Demand is high because there is the same amount of recovery as HP4000 and Revita II.

Ultimea groundwater underwaterway undernemico

Here is Mithril ore.

I think there is demand because ore is essential for refining!

In addition, there are Orichalcon and mud, but it may not be so efficient because there is not much mud.

Dead Spirit Ussan of the River River

Here is the soul of Ussan

Is it 340,000 EXP from the person in the beginning of the garden?

However, since it is the third, mud tends to be cool!

Monster Forest Cazura

There is a place to boil at the deepest part

Drop the bouquet! Because it is necessary for Alchemi to create a required ribiter

There is demand regardless of the time

Monster Forest Bjukinoko (Super Death Mushroom) [Postscript]

It’s a suspicious mushroom that this guy drops! It’s a pot of the pot

I wonder if 30 pieces are 1S5-60K for 1S

Morsehele’s Mitsutrigetto

Here is another big lump of the bouquet, which is a delicious honey.

Honey is essential to improve the skill of Alchemi, so I think it is relatively easy to sell.

Inge village Pojo

It is a mud general store selling. I guess the self -sufficiency is 200,000 to 500,000.

November Dilla Jupstida

Here is Energy Bottle EX, which is the top of Enabo.

The effect is better than Enabo, and the mud is a bit bitter, so the price is reasonable.

Gilque collection quests at MAP each place [Postscript]

The guild quest implements and the items to be collected can be sold in a set of 20 to 30,000, so the surplus may be sold!

If the Lv has not changed, similar quests will come frequently, so you can leave it.

Since the basics are the first mud, I think that it is relatively easy to collect even in single hunting!

Collection of bag expansion items in MAP [postscript]

The new bag specification has changed, and various items are needed to release the bag frame to 50-100.

In the second half, the number of boss mud is increasing, so it might be better to collect and sell!

I don’t know the price, but since the third mud comes out, that area may sell as it is!

Please check it out with a mackerel!

[Torum] Beginner Guidance -Bag Function -Expansion Items-

Getting money -based money policy [postscript]

This is a romantic gold policy that contains uncertain luck!

Aiming W slot with mud equipment. Clothes and weapons are impossible to trade, so it is mainly added and special.

For example, Care -Malt’s Ghost Potum, Awarely W, philosophy w in the mana clearing area Oulu w, Noule’s mask of Noules in another world (although it is quite expensive without slot), magical waste disposal. Rare when it is rarely in the antique that comes out of the cursed clock of the place, it is a painful right arm of the Koufa in the Rococo Archeological Street, and recently Mite Witu on Mount Urkani.

There are many other equipment with demand, so it might be nice to aim!

However, you need patience and time! Even if you load a book like a Wilgo, it is no longer an occult level change, so don’t let it go too much and go hunting with a Luk job!

Is the rough collection system like this?

After that, do you feel like a collection involving the event or going around?

After all, it may be difficult for people who have no solo to collect, so let’s recruit Gilmen.

From here, it will be a money measure that 호텔카지노주소 will have conditions, so it doesn’t mean that everyone can do it!

Pet collection

Read it and just be a tamer! The condition is a tamer skill!

When a new MAP comes out, or the event -based pet is not so expensive depending on the para

There are some things that give a reasonable price when a genius temperament comes out! However, I have to be more myself than the Lv of MOB I want to take.

Lv may need some preparation!

Guild labyrinth (important)

This is a guild dungeon, which sells high -purity Olichalcon, jewelry (partially), changing magical stone (not yet picked up …), no hand, dancer, dancer, dark, and magic sword. , Catalogs, deterioration prevention (3 steps), hammer (3 steps), pollution (3 steps), and jewelry, you can get millions to hundreds of thousands of luck! The conditions are that they participate in the guild and reset on a monthly basis, so the labyrinth is going to more than 900 at an early stage of the month! Depending on the day of the week, there are days when things change, so please check it out! The recommendation is to enter from 900 or 8000 from Sunday, the main ore.

[Postscript 2022.06.13]

Recently, the refining system has changed, so the ore such as the high -purity Olichalcon and the deterioration prevention system have become cheaper.

Treasure hunter (world treasure)

This feels like going to pick up a treasure chest that falls in the field! Crysta and books, the jackpot boxes are common to PT, so we will cooperate and open the box! Crysta is the MAP of the quest, and the things that come out change, so you need to go to the orange MAP! If you go in the second half, the story is that the story is progressing to chapters 7, 8, 9, and 10 (there is a MAP that you can not go without proceeding).

Color clothes and color weapons

This is a collection of colored information, armor, etc. that the boss drops! As for weapons, the boss that drops the color on a monthly basis will change, so please check it yourself! For example, Iwato’s Yuin is black of the body, white of hat, gentleman, and silver lore body! The conditions are alchemi where you can capture the colors (well, you can get rid of them at a synthetic shop, but if you pay the spina).

Please check the color information in various ways.

Crysta of SB, FB boss

This is also pinky, so let’s check the price with the mackerel, including the effect!

The raid like the emperor in the second half cannot be used, so it is expensive!

Even in the early boss, things that are increasingly enhanced are expensive, so they are not expensive in the latter half, so if you check the top selling, decide on the goal, let’s go to the consecutive battle!

There are more than tens of thousands to 5 million in terms of price.

This will also be even higher after the event when the event is involved!

From here, it is a high -priced money measure that will be millions of units.

S -Singing, propuational giving agency (masked selling)

A new weapon and armor Smith products are S -refined! This is an occult establishment, so there is a considerable difference between when you go smoothly and when you don’t go at all, so it’s dangerous w I’m scared and can’t do it (laughs). ), 230 (23 propela) TEC Smith (if you are more skilled, the required materials will decrease) S -Semiling LUC Smith and enough financial power! This is an easy idea, and it is not possible for people to make money.

Propa and materials are required like stupid, so you can’t do it unless you have a lot of materials (about 50,000 p per place), one with proppa, one hundred to 10 million. think! With a slot, refining will be even higher because the success rate will decrease.

Well, this also varies depending on the demand, so let’s check the market price!

New boss crysta, mud material collection (equipment that can be made from newly implemented bosses)

At the same time as a new MAP is implemented, a new boss will be implemented, but the crista that the boss drops depends on the effect, but it is a little expensive because it is an area where the trehan is not implemented! Also, new equipment that can be made with materials may be implemented! Even if the equipment is not implemented, there is a possibility that it will be done in the future, so you may leave it! Check the latest equipment and look for new boss mud! Even if the material is cheap, there are many things that are expensive, from tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands! So, if you have a slot, it will be quite expensive! The conditions are that the latest story is over, the Lv that can go around the new boss, the strength, and a well -balanced PT! Some people can go solo … (; ´Д`a “ “ “

[Postscript 2022.06.13]

Recently, due to the demand for things and changes in specifications, the price fluctuates and the money measures have become unstable.

I think it is becoming more difficult for beginners

Before you care about money or weapons, you may want to raise LV more and more, and efficient money policy may be important.

Time: Spinner (efficiency), but I think that the hourly wage is good, but I think that the work will increase, so it may be better to make money so that it does not get tired according to the romance policy or various moods.

The money measures to sell materials at a general store will be higher as you go in the second half, so it may be the harshest to say, somehow, to take the time!

I think that there is a lot of work for LV raising and money.

It is not limited to soshage, but it also keeps any RPG.

It’s not a game that ends in the story, such as FF, Dragon Quest, etc.

In the first place, I don’t think people who say that Lv raises, money measures, and the story will be darui, and if you quit? I even think

If you don’t do it, it will not change and it will not be strong

I don’t write here, but I can pay and make money, but what is that meaning?

If you are charging any game or not, you can make a big difference, but if you think about playing without spending money, you have to spend time and do your best.

If you can charge, please charge and save time w

I don’t even charge, I can’t raise the LV, do not make money, and I can’t get stronger.

However, because you have a spinner, it’s not always strong because the weapon is 8 slots?

Even if you pay for time and experience, you will not be stronger just by using solo, PT, guilds, friends, and so on.

There is no way to pay, check, verify, raise LV, and make money.

In a way, I think people who are charging are seriously doing it.

In general, when you don’t clarify what to do, it doesn’t matter if you do what to do?

The person who is doing it every day is the strongest!

If you just do it occasionally, any money policy will not get a lot of results.

I still see Kurekure, but I don’t want to be such a person who is watching this blog.

The criticism is flooded and it will be reported w

Let’s do our best to make money that suits our height according to each style and activity time!

It’s nice to have LV and increase the number of possession spinners!

I think you’ll know what to do by setting a clear goal.

First of all, it might be a good idea to decide how much you want and plan.

Nothing, vague planning does not lead to a roki result.

It’s a game, but let’s face the real self and do the troublesome things with a profitable account (laughs).

This time I will keep it like this!

I’ve been doing it for a long time, so now it’s implemented in various ways, but if you don’t like it, please check it out.

It’s been longer, but it’s best when you find your favorite!

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