“I can’t do a family restaurant business trip in this situation … _ (: 3” ∠) _ Batari.

good morning! It’s Yumesaki!

Yesterday was a hot day, but

How was your area?

No, it was too hot

Just walking around lightly makes me sweaty (;^ω^)

After all, it is best to withdraw when there is no need at this time ( ̄ ▽  ̄)

By the way, the number of Corona infected people nationwide is supposed to be dangerous.

There are more than 30,000 people in Tokyo and Osaka, and this condition will increase to 40,000 and 50,000.

It may be possible … _ (: 3 “∠ )_ Batari

(´-`) .。 oo (If so, my pharmacy will be quite busy …

Even in such a situation, the government has not been restricted, so

When you go somewhere, it feels like it depends on your feelings (;^_^a lol

Fortunately or unfortunately, the viruses that are now widespread are relatively poorly toxic, so

Even though it is infectious, there are not many severe people.

So people who are healthy may be enjoying the summer without worrying much.

Well, I’m going to go out after a long time, but www

Also, I want to do a family restaurant business trip soon …

There is still a lot of family restaurant free tickets (should) that will expire at the end of September.

I have to use it little by little … (;^_^a lol

However, because of this situation, it is a bit distracted to stay in a restaurant for a long time (; ” ∀ ”)

Somehow, even if I bring a pomera

It is likely to be written only while waiting for a meal … _ (: 3 “∠ )_Batari

I really want to go to the point where the drill is good, but I can’t do much luxury … (´ ・ ω ・ `)

That’s why it’s going to be a business trip while watching the situation (;^_^a lol

It would be nice if the infection situation was settled down early … 。 。

Chicken “It seems that there was still a family restaurant free ticket that expired at the end of September … Is it okay?”

Chick “Isn’t it a waste to use up nothing, isn’t it?”

Chicken “That’s right, but 30,000 people in Tokyo? I’m really hesitant.”

Chick “… it may be so. Then, it is not a business trip, but only rice is eaten quickly and returned home.”

Chicken “Well, I wonder if that’s the only thing … I wanted to go on a business trip with a pomera.”

Chick “Well, there is no action limit, so I feel it depends on my feelings. If you think it’s okay, you can go out.”

Chicken “Well, I say many times, but once you come, you have to take measures against infectious diseases.”

Chick “As with basic infectious diseases, let’s live as regular life as possible and spend your health first.”

Chicken “Oh, oh …… If you tend to be withdrawn, your life will be disturbed, you have to be careful.”

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I have to finish it with a margin … Hahaha (;^_^a lol


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The summer vacation is over

I was busy for some reason this summer

I think the reason is that the second son has changed from the baseball club to a loose club activity, and the time at home has become longer.

If there is a child

I’m sorry

I have to monitor study

Ah, I’m talking to you

Children are hungry immediately

I can’t do housework

It was scattered in my head and I couldn’t write a blog calmly

Actually, I wanted to write a story about the past question support during the summer vacation!

I couldn’t do this when I searched for materials for the exam period and took a picture

The second son’s school begins at the beginning of the week, so I think it will be a normal daily life.

This time, after the first semester test of the university held at the end of July, I would like to write about the current state of the eldest son and my regret.

I guess some people know

The University of Tokyo is a system in which the University of Subcommittee is in the summer of the second grade, choosing the desired faculty and departments and going to the faculty from the second year.

The faculty to go on will be determined by the results after enrollment.

In other words, depending on the first and after and second -year grades of the first grade, all faculties can be selected. You can move from science to humanities and vice versa.

Many universities will decide to pass or fail by raising the aspirations of undergraduate or departments when they take the exam, right?

You can decide on it after entering college.

Because it is divided into each department in the entrance examination, it is easier to enter the Faculty of Engineering and Science, but some people go to the economy and law department, although the capacity is small.

If you have good grades, you can aim for the medical school.

The eldest son liked this system and aimed for the University of Tokyo.


I couldn’t find any specialty I wanted to do after enrolling.

I entered a physical education club activity, woke up fashionably, and enjoyed my college life, but I was in trouble that I couldn’t get into studying, the student’s text, and couldn’t draw my future career.

I originally hated studying

I wasn’t familiar with the university environment where I had to study independently.

“Study is the minimum necessary, and if you do it more than that, you lose.”

↑ It is the way of the eldest son from the middle and high school days.

That kind of idea is a loss

Still, it does not fall down in middle and high school

In the university entrance exam, I slipped in with a full slot after I was not motivated until the summer vacation.

I came in a blessed environment, so I feel like I can’t grab the future path.

I don’t want to work hard and aim further than now.

When giving birth to the eldest son

Because the child was a boy

I strongly thought that this had to be raised to get a rewarding job.

If I wasn’t good at studying, I thought I had to put a job in my hand.

I wonder if a chef or a hairdresser

It’s okay to be a craftsman

I intend to grow up while determining the characteristics of the eldest son.

Unfortunately, I didn’t have the talent in the direction of being able to get a job in my hand, so I took a junior high school exam so that I could study and decided to find a job in the desired industry by learning to study. I also aimed.

Even if I didn’t like studying, I thought that if I entered college, I would do it as it was.

In the first half of the year, I dropped the unit.

If this was not silent, I started hitting my ass, but in the latter half of the first grade, I was motivated during the winter vacation, which is before the test.

Even if you say it’s just annoying

It was similar to when I was just looking at my smartphone because I wasn’t at all in the spring to summer, when I was not able to get into the exam.

As a result, there was no light in the latter half, but the grades were bad.

When I was a freshman, I regret that it was a little different if I knew the school a little more and talked about the future course.

Although I am not good at mathematics, I have 솔레어카지노 entered the science 1 that needs the most mathematics, so I understand that it is difficult, but it is not a pity that I could not get out of my grades by pulling out online mahjong.

At the moment, I have applied for the most interesting department, but the situation is severe.

If you get a little more grades, you’ll definitely get it, why did you skip or didn’t do it …

At the time of high school, he thought that electronics or mechanical engineering was good, but when he studied at university, he was not very interested.

As soon as I entered college, should I talk more so that I could get interested in finding a job?

Regarding repetition, it is connected with one neck of the neck, but one is a retest, so you have to take this.

When I entered college, I thought my mother’s work was over, but I still have a lot of worries and worries.

↓ The schedule book for 2024 groups has been released!

It will be a schedule from January 2023 to April 2024.

It is full of functions, such as school tours, entrance examination schedules, and formats that can write the deadline for application and admission procedures, which are useful for the examinee mother.

I survived the second son’s junior high school exam and the eldest son’s university entrance exam in this schedule book.

When I got it, my mother’s motivation was raised

My home will also be used again when my second son’s university entrance examinations.

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