“I’m watching !! Disney Plus I’m worried about Doberman”

The other day, from Italy

With Bro friend who is returning to Japan temporarily

I’ve met again after a long time

It was the first time in 9 months, so the story was not exhausted

Almost Korean draneta sometimes my son

It was too fun !!

Called the Etiffel Tower of the Orient

I haven’t called it, but w

Nagoya TV Tower

It would be nice to copy it in the picture like this !!!

I borrowed it to A Ko

Nagoya is also fashionable

It was us who talked about Toshimijimi

Thank you for your souvenir !!!

So, Mr. A recommends (Maama)

I started watching this drama

Military prosecutor Doberman

군 검 베르 만

tvn ・ 2022.2 ~ 4 ・ All 16 episodes

It was a military inspection for money

To Beman (Anne Bohe -hyun)

It was a military inspection for revenge

Cha Win (Cho Bore)

The two are in the army

Break the black and rotten evil

A story that grows into a true military prosecutor

Just because the army became the stage

Familiar Korean drama

Depress the parent’s enemy !! It’s a revenge play

For now ← 6 episodes I’m watching funny

Is there any after this?

When you finish watching it, I will write your impressions again

Bonus ★ Club where Aho Daji rampaged in episode 1

Because it was the same location as the release diary

I searched for Mr. Ku

I only watch this drama

This is also over today ~~

Actually, sometimes attacks now

It was a time when the desire for watching Korean Dora was declining …


Look at Yokorin’s blog

I also wanted to get along

Exclusive distribution Korean drama

Surprisingly many and surprised !!

Click ★ to fly to the drama details P

키 센 센/kiss six sense

6/29 -All episodes distribution

2022.5.25 ~ All 12 episodes/Romance Fantasy ★

Yoon Gesan, Seo Johe, Kim Jisok

With a woman who can see the future just by touching the lips

The thrilling of a super -sensitive man whose five senses have developed excessively

Romance fantasy drama drawing love pattern

빅 마 스/Big Mouse

July -MBC Simultaneous distribution/All 16 episodes/hard boiled, Noir ★

I thought it was a love romance without permission, but it’s different.

Lee Jong -suk, Yuna

It 더존카지노 became a genius scammer “Big Mouse”

A lawyer with a win rate of 10 % to protect the family

A story that reveals the real face of an upstream society involving a huge conspiracy

Very attractive lineup

I wonder if I will enter in July

I thought

If you check the drama scheduled to be produced in the future


2022 Later half/All 20 episodes/Supernic Action Hero ★

Ryu Seung -ryon Han Hyoju, Cho Inson

변론 을 작 겠습 겠습다/Start the argument

2022 Last half of the year/Mystery/Court

Jung Jin Young, Jung Rye -Won, Lee Kyuhyun



2023 -All 16 episodes/Crime/Action ★

Lee Dongfi, Ho Sonte, Choi Minsik, Song Sok Ryu Hyun Kyung


2023.5 ~/All 6 episodes/Mystery Thriller ★

Jung Hein, Kim Hae -Jung, Ko Kyung Pyo

최악 악 악/worst evil

Action thriller ★

Ji Chang Wook, Wihajun

After all, Korean drama from OTT

I’m going on this line

Maybe you can’t get along for a long time

I want to see the villain Chang Hyuk

For the time being, let’s enter for a month

If you like, please click ~ I will encourage you

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