“In the future Takarazuka seen in the month of the calendar publication”

The month of the calendar has come out.

① Takarazuka Star Calendar

② Takarazuka Stage Calendar

Sacred group

Ryoho Makaze ① April ② January

Junhana ① March ② April

Toa Serika ① August ② October

Minato Sakuragi ① October ② December

Sora -gumi that is most worrisome.

Casinolo wiring ends in June.

Kiki (Serika Taa), who is worried about the dinner show announcement, avoids it in October?

Is the top combination accompanied by a casino? ?

Snow set

Saki Ayakaze ① December ② June

Asami Aya ① May ② February

In the snow group, the Lilac announced the other day ends in July.

Since Saki is published in December, her wife will come and avoid next year’s resignation?

Moon group

Tsukijo Kanato ① June 더존카지노 ② February

Mizuki Umino ① February ② March

Hizuki An ① November ② April

Tsukumi is the only unevenness of Oten Gate? Until 3/6.

That means Tokyo is around April. Is Reiko barely (Kanato Tsukijo) avoid? However

What is Umi -chan (Mizuki Umino)? I think it’s an accomplished type, but …

Star group

Rei Makoto ① January ② November

Hitomi Mai ① cover ② June

Yuria Sao ① February ② May

Akatsuki Sensei ① March ② December

The star set is a New Year’s performance in Tokyo in 2023, so

Of course, the first work is left.

Hiton (Hitomi Maisora) is unexpectedly posted, so it is possible alone.

No, was the cover different?

It’s faster than that …

Flower group

Mitsuyo Yuka ① September ② July

Madoka Hoshikaze ① October ② September

Mai Mizumi ① July ② May

Permanent shining ① cover ② January

Hanagumi is a horny New Year in 2023, so this is also safe for the month.

You don’t have to worry about the month of the publication of Hitoko (Eternal Shira).

I thought about it after a long time.

I’m sorry if the description is wrong.

The person who stroked his chest, the person who fidgeted.

It will be various.

Koemuma was so supported that I was able to see it calmly.

Anyway, I’ll do something about Kiki.

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