Kyoto Antique Fair

Kyoto Antique Fair

Kyoto Antique Fair

I like me and go several times.

I couldn’t go out with Corona last year (maybe it was canceled several times)

This time I went out after a long time.

Every year, many antique shops are served using up to the second floor of Kyoto Pulse Plaza at the venue.

This time only on the first floor.

There were few people who came to the venue.

I’m saying … but I don’t know what antique is,

Most of them are different worlds in terms of price

“I’m just watching …”

But occasionally

“I want to put a rolled egg on this!”

I come across a 바카라 vessel that I think, “I want to add somen spices here!”

Why suddenly, roll and somen! I think, but

When I look at the plate, it suddenly comes to my head suddenly, so I can’t help it.

I don’t know, maybe

I like this clothes, I want to wear it! ! I think it’s the same as thinking.

(Of course, most of the price you can’t buy at all, no matter how much you like.)

This time, while I was looking around, I wanted a glass container with a lid,

I bought this.

Add candy or bonbon chocolate,

“Please, eat ^^”

Isn’t it nice to say?

(Maybe I will say it for the rest of my life …)

It goes well with Totsuka embroidery, which has a faint scent of Showa.

I really liked it, but

Bone -to -bone shop has no price tag.

Listen to the scary price,

“It’s Baccarat, 22,000 yen.”

“Oh, that’s okay, Old Baccarat! 65,000 yen. Try it ^^”

Wow …

I can’t get anything in my hand. 。 。

And twice a suicide bomb!

I bought an honor student with a price tag from the beginning. 。 。 。

For those who buy Owari, Old Meissen, and Ponpon

I don’t eat here. 。 。

But Hanamaru, but there are things that you can buy even if you are a favorite.

It’s a fun place for antique fair ^^

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