Macau from Hong Kong Airport

There are two or three ways to get to Macau from Hong Kong, and I decided to go directly to Macau from Hong Kong Airport.

In this case, there are 더존카지노 several advantages,

1. You can set the schedule relatively freely in Macau.

If you hold a hotel in Hong Kong and go to Macau, it will be a day trip schedule, but it is not a recommended way to consider that it costs about 100,000 won.

2. There is no need to find a luggage.

If you go to Macau from Hong Kong Island or Tsim Sha Tsui, you should also find a luggage at the airport.

In this case, the luggage can be found at the Macau ferry port, so the body can be moved lightly.

Hong Kong weather from the plane … Woojungchung … Anxious anxiety from the first day of the trip.

This is about 50,000 won for a ferry ticket from Hong Kong to Macau.

This is Hong Kong Airport smoking room.

While waiting for the ferry, smoking in the smoking room and waiting for the Internet.

What I felt on this trip was that each airport had a very good internet.

At least the Internet is not uncomfortable at the airport.


This clock is a smart watch from Cassio.

The best thing to travel is that there is a function to prevent loss of smartphones, and when you sync with your smartphone automatically adjusts your time.

In particular, the battery life is about two years, so there is no worry about discharge.

I thought I was coming, but it wasn’t that boat; Anyway, now I moved to ride a boat.

It’s a super class corresponding to the business, so it’s a good taste.

Coffee comes out as a dessert.

Photos taken from Hong Kong in the sea between Macau

But it rains ㅡ,. ㅡ;

Finally, Macau arrives !!! The weather was blurred, but fortunately the rain stopped.

Use rickshaws from ferry port to hotel

It is said to be used as a F1 game in Macau.

Macau Tower in the distance.

Ole tai sam un hotel arrives.

It is close to Senadu Square, and the main casino is a place where you can walk.

Hotel with high cost.

Outside the hotel. A large dog wandered around while eating something to the residents. LOL

Good dung dog …

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