The higher the class, the more important the view. High -end Seoul residential facilities

Recently, high -end houses have been supplied all over Seoul one after another, and even some complexes are getting early as soon as possible.

In addition to the natural views such as mountains, rivers, cloth, and parks, high -end houses have been introduced throughout Seoul, which has a view of the city’s night 카지노 view.

In fact, Naver Real Estate, the price of 84B㎡ of 84bm2, which is famous for its 100 million won per pyeong, is confirmed up to 3.95 billion won. On the other hand, the area such as 112 is registered with high -rise households for up to 3.6 billion won. The two buildings are close to a two -minute walk from a walk, but there are about 300 million won in prices. This is particularly unusual, considering that the price of high -rise generations is generally formed.

Industry experts interpret the reason why there is a big difference in house prices in the same complex because of the difference in the two views.

Just as there is a big price difference between a complex that can see the Han River and a complex that cannot be viewed, there is a difference in price depending on how much the view is secured within one complex.

In fact, the 110 -dong is facing the Banpo Han River Park and the Han River right in front of the Han River, while the 112 building is located in the rear part in the complex, and the view is relatively difficult. Despite most of the same infrastructure, brand, and design, 110 buildings are about 300 million won expensive, which can be interpreted as a “view value.”

Recently, the Han River is also attracting attention. Unlike Gangnam, there are a lot of people who prefer Gangbuk area from Gangnam as they can see the Han River south.

The representative one is ‘Acro Seoul Forest’ located in Seongsu -dong. The complex was chartered in June for 6.9 billion won (264㎡, 47 floors). This is similar to the highest charter (7.1 billion won) recorded by Cheongdam -dong in February. In addition, the 200m2 type of the complex was traded at 6 billion won in May and broke the highest record. This is a 170% increase from the sale price of about 3.5 billion won. It is analyzed that the price has increased significantly as it is possible to see not only green but also the view of the Han River as a high -rise residential complex directly in contact with the Seoul Forest.

In Seoul, the view is as popular as the Han River. The price of Namsan may be 100 million won.

In fact, Namsan Town Apartment 4 -dong, which shows Namsan, is said to be about 100 million won more expensive than other buildings except 7 · 8 buildings.

In particular, four buildings have the right to view Namsan ellipse, and the distance from the station is relatively close.

In the industry, there are two main reasons why the view rights have a big impact on house prices.

First of all, for psychological reasons, just watching a panoramic view at home gains psychological stability and satisfaction, which leads to improvement of residential conditions and reflected in house prices.

Another reason is scarcity. Unlike facilities such as transportation and shopping facilities that humans can easily create, the location that can see the natural environment is limited, and over time, this scarcity increases and raises the price of the house rapidly.

Jang Kyung -cheol, director of real estate, said, “Unlike ordinary apartments where house prices are divided according to transportation and brands rather than views, the more expensive residential facilities, the more absolute in the house.” The products that can be enjoyed are rare as the supply is rare, so it is not possible to buy money. ”

Recently, high -end residential complexes with views such as Han River, Namsan, and Umyeonsan have been supplied one after another, attracting the attention of consumers.

-Youmyeon Mountain Views-

● The Frame Seocho (Urban Living Housing) = The Frame Seocho, which is located in the center of Seoul and boasts optimal location conditions, is being sold. The Frame Seocho, which is constructed by the Geumseong Swan, is a high -end residential space, boasts a pleasant view of Umyeonsan. Kim Chan -joong and Oh Ho -geun, architect, participated in the design and enhanced the design completion with a design that contained aesthetics beyond architecture. The DMP Architects’ Office recently created a masterpiece of small and medium -sized unit residential facilities in urban areas such as Seocho, lactation and Sinchon. ‘The Frame Seocho’ is composed of small and medium -sized equilibrium and is presented in six types, and maximizes noise, ventilation, and light efficiency with the design of the wide triple bond glass window and the line di -fusion construction for high ceiling. The interior design is in charge of Min Design, adding to efficient space utilization and dignity. Kitchen Furniture Buddhism is used. Traffic is also good. It is located in a position optimized for entering the highway in close proximity to Gyeongbu Expressway and Yangjae Boulevard. The express terminal and the South Korea are also close to the wide area business, which is valuable as an investment product. There is a Seoul Arts Center, with excellent cultural infrastructure, and you can enjoy various convenience environments, including Shinsegae Department Store. An official of the sale said, “It will be built as the most elegant high -end residential space in the center of the city centered on Umyeonsan.” said. He said, “You can enjoy one -stop lifestyle with a trendy street -type mall for residents and nearby residents.” ‘The Frame Seocho’ consists of 11,994㎡ of total floor area and 2 buildings with 3 floors below ground and 15 floors above ground. The sample house is located in Seocho -gu, Seoul this month. The Geumseong Swan Line (President Jung Dae -sik) is constructed, and the Asian Trust is implemented and is entrusted by Seocho Art PFV. Inquiries 1668-0970

-Namsan viewing ticket-

● Bermilian Namsan (Officetel) = The high -end officetel “Bermilian Namsan” with the right to view Namsan is attracting attention. ‘Bermilian Namsan’ is not only a permanent view of Namsan in front of you, but also has a Namsan Yejang Jarak Park in front of the complex. In addition to walking and enjoying Namsan, it adds specialty in the design part to enter the residential space. The view is to considering the lighting angle and to create a terrace space to make the season change. In particular, the officetel is a pillow of Namsan, which is located in the south, and enters the typical Baesan Imsu, which is facing Cheonggyecheon to the north. Because of this, the amount of sunshine, good ventilation, and good drainage is considered a pleasant residential area. This Bae Mountain Form is a healthy land full of nature’s vitality, and is considered to be a fallen land for generations from generation to generation. In addition, the period of the Korean vein is extended, and the vein branched in Namsan Mountain is a tributary of North Korea, and the grounds of the Cheonggyecheon stream are gathered. Meanwhile, ‘Bermilian Namsan’ will be built in a total of 142 rooms, 6 floors below ground and 19 floors above ground in Jung -gu, Seoul. The construction was made by KCC E & C in the high -end residential market with Montrea Hannam, etc., and the interior design was designed by the national narrative design, which is one of the leading companies in the best hotels and casino interiors. Inquiries 1668-0970

-The Han River views-

● Waveen 646 (Officetel, Urban Living Housing) = ‘Wireben 646’, an officetel and urban living housing combined product, will open the model house and sell it. In the Seoul area, we are looking forward to securing the view of the Han River, and we can enjoy the pleasant natural environment such as the Han River and Tancheon, and the Wireben 646 is a total of 108 households with 5 floors and 19 floors above ground. It is composed of ㎡ type and officetel 45 room 18 ~ 34㎡. The complex is located in the super -station area right in front of Exit 1 of Cheongdam Station on Line 7. In addition, there are a number of transportation networks such as Bongeun ministry, Cheongdam Bridge, and Olympic Boulevard. The future value of the complex is expected to rise further through the undergrounding project of Yeongdong -daero, which is under development nearby. In addition to the facility area of ​​about 220,000m2 and 4 ~ 7 floors, the metropolitan area express railway (GTX), urban railway, bus, taxi, etc. Square, etc. are scheduled. At the same time, it is expected to benefit from the development of Hyundai Motor GBC Center and the remodeling of Jamsil playground. The Wireben 646 is located in Yeongdong -daero, Gangnam -gu, Seoul, and will receive a subscription from August 30 to 31 and will be a party contract from September 7 to 8. Inquiries 1668-0970

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