“The quietness after a long absence”

My husband’s 10 -day vacation is over.

I didn’t go out somewhere, but it was over.

That’s good, but when my husband is at home all the time, the sound of the TV is noisy.

My husband likes movies and dramas, so I enjoy it with a loud volume.

Even though I was watching it in my room, I kept the TV in the living room.

If he knows he is watching TV in another room, erase it immediately.

What did you intend to come back soon?

If you were saying noisy, you 크레이지슬롯 will be careful.

A little louder than my comfortable volume is my husband’s comfortable volume.

I like the basics, the better there is no sound.

Today is Baccarat and Mattari.

Nya ~

To Baccarat who called out

Yeah, it’s quiet

I responded.

If I told my husband who came home

I heard “Where is your dad?”

Is that so?

It’s not a celebration where my husband’s vacation is over and I went to work, but today I cooked red rice.

Sesame is sesame that I want to bring from Japan.

Please care.

A record of working hard during the summer vacation

Return to the living room.

In the first place, I bought it

Projector Caveni,

To make it easier to see

I took the plunge because it was a big deal.

I moved to this apartment for 10 years.

I changed the arrangement of furniture for the first time

A TV that has been used for 10 years.

I can still see it

It seems to be small recently …

Until now, to see the room widely

The TV board and the sofa were released too much.

As expected, the whole picture of the room is …

I can’t make it public

Take the plunge and approach the TV and the sofa.

The direction of the dining table has also changed.

My favorite Curio also moves.

Massage chairs take place to the bedroom.

Favorite Curio

I took all the things inside once,

A sense of unity

Only for glass and apony.

The glass was washed neatly.

Calm down in a good feeling

The arrangement of the sofa, the TV

Both projectors

Move as you can see.

And to put a projector

Purchase a cabinet.

Assemble with my sister help.

At the beginning with a lot of parts

I was worried

Completed safely. The job is used a little.

With a small electric dollar, it is easy to fix the screw.

After all it is convenient to have an electric dollar.

And completed.

Always on the table

What is cluttered

I decided to put it in this.

I was able to store various things.

Because it 바카라필승법 is a type that cannot be thrown away,

In the box of Baccarat and Wedgewood

Separated by group.

Unusually purchased drugs

There is … that

The expiration date has expired,

The disinfecting sheet is almost dry.

When is the Hokkairo?

I’m going to do my best for the details.

However, as expected, the letter document system

It doesn’t end when I start doing it

This time, it is a lot of paper bags.

It is cute even if you put the floor.

There is an atmosphere at night.

And I got it from people so far

Vase and ornaments

I’m sorry in my heart,

This time, I abandoned it.

When you return to the cleared room

It feels good.

How long can you maintain this living room?

Next time I want to think about the bedroom.

But if you don’t have a holiday, it’s pretty good

I can’t start.

And the projector

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