USB memory cannot be used in in -vehicle audio! How to listen to music comfortably in the car even if you don’t support “USB3.0”? (Auto Messe Web)

Large -capacity USB memory has become cheaper, but unexpected pitfalls … USB terminals are white or black, USB3.0 is blue, and now you can enjoy music in the car even in the car. However, if you want to enjoy high -quality high -resolution sound sources, it is common to save sound sources on devices such as USB memory. Recently, the price has dropped, so I tend 호게임 to get a large -capacity USB3.0, but there are large pitfalls to use in the car. Many of the in -vehicle aircraft only support USB2.0. [Image] See the difference between USB2.0 and 3.0 in a schematic diagram (4 pieces in total) There are still many in -vehicle audio that is not compatible with USB3.0! I have just failed recently. When I was looking at Amazon, I found a 2TB (terabitte) USB memory. The price is about 2,000 yen. Until then, a 16GB USB memory was used, so if you save more than 10 albums, you’ll be full, and USB memory will increase steadily in the car. I wanted a larger USB memory. So I purchased a 2TB USB memory, saved the music, and inserted it into the USB slot of the car, but there was only a caution that “there is no device” and nothing responded. The USB memory I purchased is a high -speed USB3.0 type. However, my in -vehicle aircraft could use USB2.0 but did not support USB3.0. Recently, large -capacity USB is about 3.0, but many in -vehicle aircraft still support only 2.0. If you put it slowly, 2.0, if you put it quickly, 3.0 if you put it in 3.0, “I can’t do this?” It’s a very analog story for a digital device. While thinking, “Is it serious?”, I slowly inserted it with a half -confidence, and then re -formed it, then saved the music and used it in a car. Of course, it is slow when inserted into the USB of the car. Then, the USB3.0 device that did not respond at all, saying “I have no device”! Isn’t it recognized properly? It’s a true story like a lie. Of course, this has a basis. Examining the difference between USB2.0 and USB3.0, both USB2.0 and 3.0 tip terminals are common. The USB3.0 has a terminal for USB3.0 in the back, and the connection destination is recognized as USB3.0 by inserting it. Therefore, if you insert it slowly and first recognize it as USB2.0, you can use it as USB2.0 on USB3.0 devices.




Next time is scheduled for Saturday, October 1! looking forward to!

It was around 23:30 this time like this. Thanks to everyone who participated!

After Bodge, Puyo Sports will be a 5th win. I was happy to have won four consecutive victories!

After dinner, I played Bodge’s modern art after a long absence at Eimu House. I like that and I used to win a lot in the past, but today I was boked. It seems that the sense of business was bugged while working in China. I will adjust it by the next time.

For dinner, go to the steak. There is a menu called “Geki Heat Steak”, and I ordered an order and a cruiser who enjoyed the slot well. I pulled out wisdom teeth three days ago … the steak was too aggressive, my gums still hurt. But it can’t be helped if it’s intense. It can not be helped.

After that, I played about 10 clubs with Hara Pero & Emu -san, and went to a medal game. I was aiming to get rich with a pusher machine, but from Eemu -san, “Pushers have a payout ratio, and the LCD slot is determined to fall off.” I was told. My dream was crushed. Litigation.

It was around 17:30 when I 퍼스트카지노 arrived in Ameoka, but it seemed to be a mistake with just Tatate. Certainly 17:30 is late, sorry. When I read the high queue, it was interesting and I missed the timing of departure. When I arrived, there was Meronpan, so I went to the series. I met after a long time, so when I asked about the latest situation, it seems that it was on the stairs of an adult, congratulations!

I will write a meeting for the first time in more than three years, it is Kururu.

Participants: Calabel, Kururu, Tettateo, Harakuro, Meronpan

Note: Kururu

We hold competition twice a month at the Amipara Okayama store! Let’s excite Okayama’s Puyo Puyo!

by Okayama-Puyo

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